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The Doughty
Family Foundation

Lucy Doughty.jpeg

Lucy Doughty, founder of

The Doughty Family Foundation.

The Doughty Family Foundation.jpeg

Lucy Doughty, founder of The Doughty Family Foundation, joined the "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños" in 2007 to support a non-profit institution in Santiago, her hometown.

Her primary contribution to the Volunteer is financial support, which has been instrumental in constructing and developing the Mercia Doughty Pavilion, the Nigel Doughty Intensive Care Unit, and the psychology area, all bearing the same names.

Lucy and The Doughty Family Foundation have been a helping hand that, through the years, with their constant donations, contributes to the sustainability and development of the Mercia Doughty Pavilion and other units.

Lucy recognizes and supports the "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños" because its social work aligns with the philosophy of her Foundation.

Due to her valuable and consistent contribution and her childhood passion, VJCN recognizes Lucy Doughty as a distinguished volunteer.

We thank Lucy for remaining a part of our institution throughout the years.

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