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assistance programs

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It assists patients from the General Hospital through the partnerships maintained by the Volunteer with other national and international institutions.

It maintains contact with international institutions such as Shriners Hospital in Boston and the Pediatric Orthopedic Project in St. Louis, processing requests for patient referrals abroad.

It follows up with patients with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease).

It prepares patients to participate in scoliosis events and maintains contact and follow-up with patients inside the country and abroad.

It organizes events to address specific cases and follows up with patients after their surgeries.

Thanks to the initiative and participation of doctors Enrico and Mandy Stazzone, the leading international collaborator of this unit is the Pediatric Orthopedic Project, which contributes by:

1. Providing training to medical staff.

2. Conducting surgical events.

3. Donating medical equipment.

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Hematology-Oncology Unit

The main objective of this unit is to assist the families of children who have cancer and are being treated in our facility.

It provides medications and nutritional supplements to patients and is responsible for training the medical and paramedical staff attending to them.

The unit supplies disposable materials and chemotherapy medications and covers the salaries of healthcare personnel not appointed by the Ministry of Public Health.

It maintains pediatric and recreational areas to create a favorable health environment.

The unit follows up with post-hospitalization patients until their complete recovery and establishes connections with national and international institutions to aid in implementing and managing service protocols.

The primary international collaborator for this unit is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, whose main contributions include:

1. Providing training for medical staff.

2. Training volunteers in patient care.

3. Offering guidance on marketing and recommending fundraising activities.

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Burn Unit

The main objective of this unit is to assist children who suffer from burns and are treated in our facility, providing economic, moral, and spiritual support to both patients and their families.

The unit supports medical and paramedical staff training and provides medications as needed.

It follows up with post-hospitalization patients until their complete recovery and supports internal programs of the unit.

HIV Care Unit

Its main objective is to assist the families of children and young people who are infected by the HIV virus.


It deals with the training of medical and paramedical personnel and provides consumables and medications for treatments.


Keeps pediatric and recreational areas conditioned to create a favorable health environment for patients.


It provides specialized studies that are carried out outside the Hospital and follows up on patients in the application of treatments until their recovery.

Our assistance programs provide medications to children receiving care at the Regional University Children's Hospital Dr. Arturo Grullón. We also contribute to the cost of diagnostic procedures for our patients within and outside the hospital.

We follow up with children who have been medically discharged, ensuring their complete recovery and providing palliative care in their homes.

Each program comprises a group of volunteers who offer assistance in different areas, delivering their services to contribute to a common objective.



We provide nutritional monitoring to patients until their complete recovery. Monthly, we distribute kits with food and proteins to complement the nutrition of children undergoing medical treatment.

From Monday to Friday, we distribute 50 servings of food for lunch to mothers caring for their children admitted to the hospital.

"La Cajita de Lucia" is a nutrition program sponsored by the Herrera Vargas family, which, during weekends, provides boxes with food portions for the lunch of parents caring for their children admitted to our Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Unit.

complementary assistance

General aid

It addresses the needs of patients from our programs and the General Hospital. We cover the costs of specialized studies and provide clothing for unforeseen situations, toys, and snacks.

Under this program, we contribute disposable materials, supplies, and necessary medical equipment to the hospital for special procedures.

We cover the transportation costs for patients residing in other provinces or remote communities facing exceptional health and financial situations so that they can attend their medical appointments and receive their treatments.

Housing qualification

A group of volunteers led by construction professionals identifies and selects families living in highly precarious conditions, where this situation is impacting the health of their children and interfering with their recovery. They assess each situation and seek solutions to improve or construct low-cost housing.

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