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Volunteer presents members of its Advisory Board

Updated: Mar 1

SANTIAGO - "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños" introduced the new members of its Advisory and Fundraising Board during an emotional event attended by the founding council members, held in the conference hall of the Dr. Arturo Grullón Hospital in this city.

Xenia Gell de Álvarez, President of the Founding Council of the "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños," emphasized that collaboration has been vital in assisting the children of the Northern region.

"It is our responsibility to continue promoting service and love for our cause, adding new talents who are moved by the desire to forge a better society, accept the invitation to join this army that fights to restore health to those who represent the present and the future: our boys and girls," expressed Xenia Gell de Álvarez.

The recently added members to the "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños" are entrepreneur José Joaquín Sosa, corporate communication consultant Grisbel Medina, marketing professional Gilda Pereyra, and Aury Fernández, business administrator. Additionally, José Octavio Reinoso, president of the Association of Companies in the Center of Santiago; Johanna Trigo, organizational psychologist; and Oscar Frías, electromechanical engineer.


Carmen Germán, Director of fundraising for the organization, reported that in 26 years, many lives have been saved through Volunteer, and as they continue to grow, the needs increase. Therefore, they formed an Advisory and Fundraising Board to unify efforts with the business community and compassionate individuals to enhance the reach of the Volunteer.

Later, entrepreneur José Joaquín Sosa emphasized that they are committed to working tirelessly to strengthen the reach of the "Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños."

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