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assistance programs


Assists patients at the General Hospital, through the alliances that the Volunteer Service maintains with other national institutions and  international.


  • Maintains contact with international institutions such as: Shrinners Hospital, in Boston and  Pediatric Orthopedic Project, in Saint Luis and processes requests for patient referrals abroad.


  • Follows up patients with Ostogenesis Imperfecta (Crystal Bones).


  • Prepares patients to participate in scoliosis sessions and maintains contact and follow-up with patients who are inside the country and abroad.


  • Create  days to resolve specific cases and follow up on patients after their surgeries.

Thanks to the initiative and participation of doctors Enrico and Mandy Stazzone, the main international collaborator of this unit is the Pediatric Orthopedic Project, which contributes with:


  •  Training of medical personnel.


  •  Carrying out surgical sessions.


  •   Provides medical equipment.

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Safe Care

It is a program that was born with a group of young doctors who graduated from  different universities, which during their rotation in hospitals, identified the need for medical supplies that contribute to the safety of health personnel.


They provide expendable material to the different hospital centers in the Northern Region of the Country, necessary for the safe exercise of the provision of health services.

Voluntariado Jesús con los niños

Hemato-Oncology Unit

Its main objective is to assist the families of children who suffer from cancer and are treated in our Unit.


  • Provides medications, nutritional supplements to patients, and takes care of the training of the medical and paramedical personnel who care for them. 


  • It provides expendable materials, medications for chemotherapy, and covers the payment of salaries to health personnel who are not appointed by the Ministry of Public Health.


  • Keeps pediatric and recreational areas conditioned to create a favorable health environment.


  • Follows up on post-hospitalization patients until their complete recovery, establishes links with national and international institutions that help in the implementation and management of service protocols.

The main international collaborator of this Unit is theSt. Jude Children's Research Hospital, whose main contribution is:


  • Provide training to medical staff.


  •  Train volunteers in patient care.


  •  Provide marketing guidance and recommend fundraising activities.

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Burn Unit

Its main objective is to assist children who suffer burns and are treated in our Unit, through economic, moral and spiritual support to both patients and their families.


  • Supports the training of medical and paramedical personnel and provides medications as required. 


  • Follows up on post-hospitalization patients until their complete recovery and supports the Unit's internal programs.


General aid and Complementary nutrition

Responds to the needs  general aid and  nutritional status of patients at the General Hospital.


  • Provides 50 lunch portions daily to mothers of hospitalized children and provides nutritional follow-up to patients until their complete recovery.


  • Provides nutrition support for low-income patients undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and malnutrition treatment.


  • Conducts seminars and talks on nutrition and hygiene.

Comprehensive HIV Care Unit

Its main objective is to assist the families of children and young people who are infected by the HIV virus. 


  • It deals with the training of medical and paramedical personnel and provides consumables and medications for treatments.


  • Maintains pediatric and recreational areas to create a favorable health environment for patients. 


  • It provides specialized studies that are carried out outside the Hospital and follows up on patients in the application of treatments until  your recovery.

Voluntariado Jesús con los niños

Voluntary Help

It is dedicated to recruiting and training volunteers. Its main functions are:


  • Training new volunteers through training workshops and sharing the experiences of volunteers with years of service.


  • Coordinate the volunteer service work that schools require from their students. 


  • Promote recreational activities inside and outside the Hospital with children and their families.

Through our assistance programs we provide medications to children who are treated at the Dr. Arturo Grullón Regional University Children's Hospital and we contribute to the cost of diagnostic procedures performed on our patients both inside and outside the Hospital.


We follow up on children discharged from medical care until they are completely discharged.

recovery and palliative care in their homes.

Each program is made up of a group of volunteers who offer assistance in different areas and deliver their service in order to contribute to a common objective.

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