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Borrowed Executive

The “Borrowed Executive” is a fundraising program whose main objective is to make a collaborative alliance between the Jesus with the Children Volunteers and the business community of Santiago and the Northern Zone, allowing companies to make contributions to the Volunteers. , without touching your budget. 

By participating in this alliance, both companies and Volunteers receive important benefits.


Benefits for the company


  1. He participates, along with his collaborators, in social work, contributing well-being to the community where he operates.

  2. You have the opportunity to publicly show the human side of the company and its commitment to improving the health of children and the quality of life of their families. 

  3. Its employees are proud to work for a socially committed company and their commitment to it is strengthened.

  4. By working together for a cause, employees strengthen their spirit of teamwork.

Benefits for Volunteering


It receives funds that allow it to provide medical care, treatments and medications to children, who are the final beneficiaries of the joint efforts that we can make through this alliance. 


By allowing other people to get involved and collaborate with the cause, you attract new volunteers and your work expands. 


We are pleased to have companies that, together with their people, have participated in the Borrowed Executive since 2006: 


Rica Group


Monumental Insurance

popular Bank

Banco BHD León

San José Cooperative

Group M



Ochoa Hardware Store


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